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A Very Small Sample

Here’s a sample of what I’m working on.

Excerpt from Chapter One of  Sword of the White Belt, Volume One of The Black Belt Chronicles:

Arthur was sweating and his legs were on fire. He didn’t know how long he had been in Horse Stance, but the class must be nearly over. The temptation to stand up and stretch his leg muscles was almost undeniable. His legs had been shaking for the last half hour. Surely no martial art student in recent history had been made to endure such torment in their first week of classes. If this kept up, he might be sick all over the carpet in the training area.

“Okay, everyone. Nice and easy, bend forward a little and bring your feet together. That was very good for beginners! You managed to hold kimah jaseh (or Horse Stance) for five minutes.”

Five minutes? That couldn’t be right. It felt easily like 45 minutes. His body didn’t seem to work right anymore. His legs weren’t moving on their own. He had to kind of heave up to bring them together. They felt like pool noodles and he didn’t think they would support his weight.

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