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I have had a personal GoodReads account for a long time. I try to use it to log what I’m reading and whenever I remember a book from the past, I add it with an approximate date.

I just started a new author account there. (I also just linked this blog there, so you might be reading about my new account FROM my new account. Meta much?)

Anyway, rather than duplicating everything from my personal account, I’m using the author account as a kind of bibliography for my professional writing. In the Author’s Note in my first book, I listed a lot of writers and books that influenced my work. As time goes on, I remember authors and books I should have added (and people I forgot to thank.) The thanking will be done in future books, but I’ll try to work on the bibliography thing when I need to procrastinate.

Feel free to comment with books that I SHOULD read. I’ll put them on my TBR. I look forward to hearing from you!

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