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What’s Going On With that Novel?

Good question.

I have many people interested in what I’m working on and ask me that very question whenever they see me. Here’s the answer.

I have several projects that I’m working on at the moment. Most are simmering on the back burner of my mind, but I have several that I’m actively working on. There are no secrets in my life, so here’s a list if you’re interested.

  • Martial Art Blog – My martial art school is how I support my family, and the blog is a way to market that. That’s my number one priority. I’m working hard to get one article per week added to the blog.
  • Martial Art Novel for Young Adults – As my number two writing priority, I’m still spending time on this nearly every day. Most of my characters are fairly well established. The settings are decent, and the story is coming along. There are lots of things about it that I’m not happy with, but as my first novel, I’m taking my time with it and exploring the process.
  • Other People’s Work – I help other people get their work online, and I devote time to that every week. It’s made me a better writer, I think, and it’s fun to help other people realize their dreams.
  • Magazine Article – I’m working on a magazine article about martial art schools run by families, but I’ve set it aside the past few months. I’m hoping to get it finished in the first two weeks in February.
  • Secret Project – Okay, I have a secret project that I forgot about. It’s a Creative Nonfiction piece that I’m submitting to a contest this month. Wish me luck!
  • Flight Novel – This is the second novel that I started working on, but the first draft that I finished. It’s decent, but the ending sucks. I have lots of ideas for this one, but not a lot of time to work on it.
  •  Podcast – I am thinking of doing a podcast for the I Love Kuk Sool Won website. I haven’t started it yet. Just thinking about it.
  • This Blog – Yeah, you only have to look at the publication dates to see that this is the last writing priority that I have. Actually, I like the idea of journaling, but I’ve never been able to establish the habit, so technically that would be even lower on the list.

So, that’s the priority list as it stands. That’s the writing part. I’m also training for a marathon (a year or more away), testing for Third Degree Blackbelt, learning violin, designing a house with my wife, and teaching my two youngest kids how to drive.

So, in short, no, I’m still not done.

With anything.

Keep watching, though. I’m sure to get at least one thing done this year.

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