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Author: K.G. Ring

What’s Going On With that Novel?

Good question.

I have many people interested in what I’m working on and ask me that very question whenever they see me. Here’s the answer.

I have several projects that I’m working on at the moment. Most are simmering on the back burner of my mind, but I have several that I’m actively working on. There are no secrets in my life, so here’s a list if you’re interested.

Christian Nation? Islamic State?

I tend not to get political on my business blog over at Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie, but I might on this site. If that bothers you, feel free to skip this post.

Like most people in the world right now, I’ve been thinking a lot about problems in the Middle East and the ones here at home. The Islamic State is making a name for itself by committing and broadcasting atrocities. Here in the States, we justify our hate of anyone different from ourselves politically, religiously, and philosophically.

Realistically, problems in the world haven’t changed in the past 4000 years.

Renewed Focus

I’ve completed rough drafts on two novels now. I’m three-quarters through the first draft of a biography and have a good start on a short story and a novella. As a writer trying to get published, I’m pretty sure that I could be said to be doing it wrong.

Ultimately, being published is my goal. My priority, though, is to be a good (or at least better) writer. That’s the main reason that I’ve been working on so many diverse projects.

I think it’s now time to focus.

Notes from the Shower

Originally posted as a Note on Facebook, April 30, 2009, at 3:53 pm

I don’t know about you, but I get some interesting ideas in the shower. This is what I was thinking about this morning.

We have senses that tell us about our environment. Current theories suggest that these evolved over time and were passed on because they gave the organisms that possessed them an advantage over those that didn’t.

Thoughts from the Drive Home

This was originally posted to the Notes section of my personal Facebook account on 5/12/2009

Several years ago, I was driving a young lady to an appointment. She and I were friends. Or friendly co-workers. Ex-co-workers at that point, I think.

At any rate, as we were nearing our destination, she informed me that before we got there, we needed to find a “bippy boppy.”



Back to NaNoWriMo

I’m ready this time.

I tried doing NaNoWriMo last year but only got a little bit in and crumbled under the weight. It was like entering a marathon without training.

This year, I’m ready. I’ve been writing every day since June 1. I started with only 250 words per day. Now I’m up to 450. I usually write well over my goal, but not always. I never write less. I’ve written almost 90,000 words since I started.